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Product reviews for QuickStand - Eco

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Quickstand Eco
Quickstand Eco has changed my life.... No more neck and back pain, associated headaches and eye strain. For sit-stand desks to really be used as intended they have to be as easy as sit-stand....  Ergolab have got this 100% right... (Jon - Wild Skies Ecological Services)
Rob | 4/8/2020 1:37 PM
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A manager responded to this review
Thanks for the feedback Jon we are very pleased to hear your success story.
What a fantastic idea
The biggest benefit of the QuickStand Eco for me, is that I didn’t have to buy a whole new desk to have the option to stand while I work. The product is easy to assemble and simple to use.
Guest | 5/20/2020 12:25 PM
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The Quickstand Eco is ideal for my physical requirements.
I can move from sitting to standing with ease and it is not a bind and as a result I can make sure that I am not sitting all day.  When I need to work on both my laptop and actual documents, I am able to raise and lower the work surface with ease.  It also looks neat on my desk.  I also like that my laptop is at eye level when I work and I can use an external keyboard for typing, this alleviates neck pain.  The only issue I have, is that the surface of the work table does not allow movement of my mouse, so when I am standing, I have to put a book or mouse pad on the surface, seated is no problem as I use the normal work top for my mouse.
Guest | 5/21/2020 1:52 PM
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A manager responded to this review
Thank your for your feedback. Have you tried adjusting the sensitivity of your mouse to see if you get better results?